Midnight, the stray cat!

I love cute cats! I feed about four stray cats that live in the shed next to my house. Recently, the next door neighbor moved and left them behind. My favorite cat is Midnight. I named her that because she is jet black and she likes to stay out at night. Midnight recently had a litter of kittens and as they got old enough to walk on their own, she put one of them on the steps of my porch one morning. It was so adorable! One morning as I went downstairs to feed Midnight and her kittens, I noticed a sleeping kitten near the steps of my porch. The only thing that I regret about this is that I did not have a camera on hand to take a picture. Therefore, I do not have any funny cat photos. However, I do have a photo of Midnight. She is a beautiful cat. Many female cats can give birth to many kittens at one time. It is amazing how a cat breeds.

cute cat midnight kitten

Midnight Cat

Midnight gave birth to some beautiful kittens. She had a litter of three and they are all healthy and fun to play with. Two of these kittens are black and white and one looks like a small tiger cat. These kittens are very playful and I taught the tiger looking kitten some cat tricks with some of the toys that I brought for her. One toy that I brought for the kitten is a small soft ball with catnip on it. She loves to play with this toy. She likes to sit on it and I taught her how to throw it out of her mouth. I named her “Tiger” because she acts like a wild tiger in the woods. One night she slept in my bedroom and she played with the catnip ball until 2AM. I was so exhausted the next day because I did not get any sleep the night before. The funny thing is that she slept all day and did not wake up until the late afternoon. I consider Tiger to be one of the goofy cats that Midnight gave birth to because she never gets tired and she likes to play for hours without resting.

I wished that I had a video camera so that I could record some kitten videos so that I could share these with my friends and with other cat lovers. Now that the kittens can eat solid food on their own, it is fun to watch them at feeding time. They make such a big fuss over their food. I love to watch the kittens sleep during the day. Tiger is especially fun to watch because she looks like a small sweet sleeping kitten and it is the only time that she is not running around getting into things. These kittens are so lovable!

If you are a cat owner and expecting a baby but you are puzzled about whether you should keep your cat or not, fear not cat lover! We have gathered some tips and tricks you can use to prepare yourself for the arrival of the new member of the family.

baby cat kiss cute kitten

1. Put a safety net around the crib or buy a crib that is difficult for the cat to reach so it won’t sleep with the baby.

2. Keep your cat’s litter box and food bowls out of the reach of the baby – using safety doors could help.

3.  Make sure to keep your cat constantly clean and bug free.

4. Check to use products on your cat that are harmless for the baby.

5. Just in case trim out your cat’s claws regularly if you’re afraid of it scratching the baby.

6. Before the baby is born make sure to visit the vet and have a full check up of your cat.

7. Try to keep you kitten indoors so that it’s disease and parasite free.

8. For safety reasons never leave your child with your cat unattended.


It is possible for cats and babies to co-exist in a healthy and happy environment. What do you think in your opinion?

If you have any more tips and tricks on how kitties and babies can live under the same roof please let us know!




Cats love to play with toys and as an owner you should keep a selection of safe toys for your cats. As cats are natural hunters, they pounce on any toy that they find and shred it. This is not playful behaviour. It is actually the hunting instincts of the cat and this is also the reason why you must keep toys that are safe for your cat. They should not only be able to withstand the sharp claws but also not become detached and be swallowed by the cat.

For your kitten safety always ask your vet how to choose properly the right toy to play, such as asking him for advice on how to give the appropriate medicine for cats. Given below are 8 steps in which you can choose safe toys for your cat.

cute cat kitten toy

  1. Choose Toys With Care – Cats put things into their mouth when they are playing with their toys or when they pounce on something. Be careful when you are choosing toys for them. Exercise the same caution that you would when you are choosing toys for a child.
  2. Ensure That There Are No Loose Parts Et Al – Check the toys to ensure that there are no loose parts that can fall off and be swallowed.
  3. Ensure That There Are No Yarns Or Strings In The Toy – Cats love tangling with yarns and strings and if the toy is made using yarns, then you can be sure that your cat will pull it off. Avoid giving your feline such toys. The feline’s tongue has barbs that are harmful if strings get caught in them. When the cat is unable to remove it, it may swallow it. If you have given it such toys, then do not leave it alone and unattended.
  4. Do Not Stress The Cat – When you give your cat cardboard boxes to play, ensure that it has at least 2 exits. A single exit will stress it especially if it does not find a way to escape.
  5. Give Only The Body Of Fake Mice – Cats and mice have an ancient relationship. When you give your cat a fake mice to play, remove the tail and the eyes so that they are not swallowed.
  6. Remove old and torn toys – Any old and torn toys that have the innards coming out should be removed and discarded.
  7. Buy Soft Plastic Balls – Give your cat only soft and plastic balls to play with and ensure that they are big so that they do not break or crack and hurt the cat.
  8. Secure Big Toys  – When the toys are big, secure them to the bannister or the wall so that they do not topple over the cat. Use a clamp that cannot be chewed.

cat play kitten toy

You can either buy pet toys or make them at home. When you are making toys using wool or yarn, make sure that their playtime is supervised.

Lisa Lyttle is a work-at-home mom and owns two little feline friends. Lyttle makes innovative yet cheap halloween costumes to make a living. You can order here for animal halloween costumes made by her.

Photo source:cats-toy.blogspot.com & wisehilda.blogspot.com

cute cats harry and pippa lovely kittens

Best friends for life Harry and Pippa cats

Thanks Lauren for send us this wonderful pictures of Harry and Pippa cats.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW the sweetest adorable kitten picture ever!