Cute cats pictures and videos for all kitten lovers

Midnight, the stray cat!

I love cute cats! I feed about four stray cats that live in the shed next to my house. Recently, the next door neighbor moved and left them behind. My favorite cat is Midnight. I named her that because she is jet black and she likes to stay out at night. Midnight recently had a litter of kittens and as they got old enough to walk on their own, she put one of them on the steps of my porch one morning. It was so adorable! One morning as I went downstairs to feed Midnight and her kittens, I noticed a sleeping kitten near the steps of my porch. The only thing that I regret about this is that I did not have a camera on hand to take a picture. Therefore, I do not have any funny cat photos. However, I do have a photo of Midnight. She is a beautiful cat. Many female cats can give birth to many kittens at one time. It is amazing how a cat breeds.

cute cat midnight kitten

Midnight Cat

Midnight gave birth to some beautiful kittens. She had a litter of three and they are all healthy and fun to play with. Two of these kittens are black and white and one looks like a small tiger cat. These kittens are very playful and I taught the tiger looking kitten some cat tricks with some of the toys that I brought for her. One toy that I brought for the kitten is a small soft ball with catnip on it. She loves to play with this toy. She likes to sit on it and I taught her how to throw it out of her mouth. I named her “Tiger” because she acts like a wild tiger in the woods. One night she slept in my bedroom and she played with the catnip ball until 2AM. I was so exhausted the next day because I did not get any sleep the night before. The funny thing is that she slept all day and did not wake up until the late afternoon. I consider Tiger to be one of the goofy cats that Midnight gave birth to because she never gets tired and she likes to play for hours without resting.

I wished that I had a video camera so that I could record some kitten videos so that I could share these with my friends and with other cat lovers. Now that the kittens can eat solid food on their own, it is fun to watch them at feeding time. They make such a big fuss over their food. I love to watch the kittens sleep during the day. Tiger is especially fun to watch because she looks like a small sweet sleeping kitten and it is the only time that she is not running around getting into things. These kittens are so lovable!

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  1. Dee M. Mckay says:

    They are all such beautiful cats and they look very comfortable, thanks for sending this picture in to FaceKitty!

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