8 Tips To Choose Safe Toys For Your Cat

Cats love to play with toys and as an owner you should keep a selection of safe toys for your cats. As cats are natural hunters, they pounce on any toy that they find and shred it. This is not playful behaviour. It is actually the hunting instincts of the cat and this is also the reason why you must keep toys that are safe for your cat. They should not only be able to withstand the sharp claws but also not become detached and be swallowed by the cat.

For your kitten safety always ask your vet how to choose properly the right toy to play, such as asking him for advice on how to give the appropriate medicine for cats. Given below are 8 steps in which you can choose safe toys for your cat.

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  1. Choose Toys With Care – Cats put things into their mouth when they are playing with their toys or when they pounce on something. Be careful when you are choosing toys for them. Exercise the same caution that you would when you are choosing toys for a child.
  2. Ensure That There Are No Loose Parts Et Al – Check the toys to ensure that there are no loose parts that can fall off and be swallowed.
  3. Ensure That There Are No Yarns Or Strings In The Toy – Cats love tangling with yarns and strings and if the toy is made using yarns, then you can be sure that your cat will pull it off. Avoid giving your feline such toys. The feline’s tongue has barbs that are harmful if strings get caught in them. When the cat is unable to remove it, it may swallow it. If you have given it such toys, then do not leave it alone and unattended.
  4. Do Not Stress The Cat – When you give your cat cardboard boxes to play, ensure that it has at least 2 exits. A single exit will stress it especially if it does not find a way to escape.
  5. Give Only The Body Of Fake Mice – Cats and mice have an ancient relationship. When you give your cat a fake mice to play, remove the tail and the eyes so that they are not swallowed.
  6. Remove old and torn toys – Any old and torn toys that have the innards coming out should be removed and discarded.
  7. Buy Soft Plastic Balls – Give your cat only soft and plastic balls to play with and ensure that they are big so that they do not break or crack and hurt the cat.
  8. Secure Big Toys  – When the toys are big, secure them to the bannister or the wall so that they do not topple over the cat. Use a clamp that cannot be chewed.

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You can either buy pet toys or make them at home. When you are making toys using wool or yarn, make sure that their playtime is supervised.

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Photo source:cats-toy.blogspot.com & wisehilda.blogspot.com

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