8 Tips So That Your Cats & Babies Can Co-exist Happily

If you are a cat owner and expecting a baby but you are puzzled about whether you should keep your cat or not, fear not cat lover! We have gathered some tips and tricks you can use to prepare yourself for the arrival of the new member of the family.

baby cat kiss cute kitten

1. Put a safety net around the crib or buy a crib that is difficult for the cat to reach so it won’t sleep with the baby.

2. Keep your cat’s litter box and food bowls out of the reach of the baby – using safety doors could help.

3.  Make sure to keep your cat constantly clean and bug free.

4. Check to use products on your cat that are harmless for the baby.

5. Just in case trim out your cat’s claws regularly if you’re afraid of it scratching the baby.

6. Before the baby is born make sure to visit the vet and have a full check up of your cat.

7. Try to keep you kitten indoors so that it’s disease and parasite free.

8. For safety reasons never leave your child with your cat unattended.


It is possible for cats and babies to co-exist in a healthy and happy environment. What do you think in your opinion?

If you have any more tips and tricks on how kitties and babies can live under the same roof please let us know!




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